Munich makes you fall in love at first sight but getting serious needs effort. If you want to settle, there is bureaucracy, a lot of things to do and few resources in English. Here we aim to help you get all the information you need to live happily after.

If you are just flirting for the time (visiting), you will find tips and tricks to see the real beauty of Munich which you cannot find in your guidebooks.

Select for which case you need to know more


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Flea Markets in Munich

I went to the biggest flea market in Munich last week. Here are my impressions:

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What’s Up in Munich this long weekend 28.04.2017 – 01.05.2017

A long weekend and a lot of events to pick from

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What’s Up in Munich this weekend 21.04.2017 – 23.04.2017

Frühlingsfest starts today, w Wannda Kultur festival is still continuing and there is a bike festival this weekend on top. There are even more events

  • munich_this_weekend_140417

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 14.04.2017 – 17.04.2017

Easter weekend will be silent till sunday due to Tanzverbot. Here are the events this weekend

  • What_s_UP_in_munich_this_weekend_070417

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 07.04.2017 – 09.04.2017

There will be a sweet summer feeling this weekend and you can enjoy a few open air parties as well. Here is what's up in Munich this weekend.

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Art accidentally

Enjoying the nice weather, I took a walk in the city and bumped into a gallery accidentally.

  • whats_up_in_munich_this_weekend_31.03.17

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 31.03.2017 – 02.04.2017

It is a wonderful weekend with sun and 20 degrees so go spend your day outside under the sun. If you want more action, here is what's up in Munich this weekend.

  • whats_up_in_munich_this_weekend_240317

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 24.03.2017 – 26.03.2017

There is something interesting this weekend for film lovers, for shopping kings and queens, for astronomy lovers and outdoorsies.

  • whats_up_in_munich_1703

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 17.03.2017 – 19.03.2017

This weekend we have a list of cultural and natural events. And some parties one of which is of course the Starkbierfest.

  • whats_up_in_munich_this_weekend_10.03.16

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 10.03.2017 – 12.03.2017

What a weekend! Huge events in the city... Starkbierfest, St. Patrick's Day, Expat in the City Fair and so much more!

  • whats_up_in_munich_this_weekend_03037

What’s Up in Munich this weekend 03.03.2017 – 05.03.2017

Big happenings in the city this weekend: The Munich Creative Business Week, Opening of Einstein 28 and the bicycle flea market. Check the rest...

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How to convert your driving licence to a German one

Most of foreign driving licences are invalid after 6 months in Munich. Here are the steps of converting your existing licence to a German one.

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What’s Up in Munich this weekend 24.02.2017 – 26.02.2017

This Sunday the street festivals for Fasching will begin. It will be all colourful, crazy and fun! Check the details and more events this weekend!

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What’s Up in Munich this weekend 17.02.2017 – 19.02.2017

Security conference will cause some trouble in the transportation but we will continue to enjoy our city with support of these events.

  • handover_of_your_new_apartment_schluesseluebergabe_post_picture

The handover of your new apartment a.k.a Schlüsselübergabe

You found an apartment in Munich and signed the contract. Now it is time to get your new apartment's key. This is what you should know about the handover.