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15 Oktoberfest Songs you should learn before your visit

The biggest multiplier of the fun in Oktoberfest tents after beer is music! Live bands are playing till 22:30 and the song list is usually quite fixed. There are Wiesn classics, new classics of the last 5 years, popular songs in English and maybe one-two new hit from the charts. There are some songs that have a dance routine. Singing the songs all together, dancing together will double up your fun so start preparing. Here are the songs you should learn:

1. Ein Prosit

This is the very first song you should learn. If you don’t learn it now, you will learn it somehow in the Oktoberfest as it plays million times! When you hear it you should stop drinking, raise your glass, and clink your glass to your neighbors’. After you hear “eins-zwei-drei-gusuffa!” you drink.

2. Fliegerlied

That is one of these songs where you should definetely know the lyrics and the dance.

Und ich flieg, flieg, flieg, wie ein Flieger
bin so stark, stark, stark,wie ein Tiger
und so groß, groß, groß, wie ‘ne Giraffe
so hoch uoh-oh-oh
und ich spring, spring, spring immer wieder
und ich schwimm, schwimm, schwimm zu dir rüber
und ich nehm, nehm, nehm
dich bei der Hand weil ich dich mag
und ich sag:
Heut ist so ein schöner Tag – la, la, la, la, la

and I fly, fly, fly, like a plane
am so strong, strong, strong like a tiger
and so tall, tall, tall like a giraffe
and high all-oh-oh
and I jump, jump, jump and keep on jumping
and I swim, swim,swim over to you
and I take, take, take
you by the hand because Ilike you
and I say
Today is such a beautiful day – la, la, la, la, la

You can also watch a video from Oktoberfest of a colleague of mine who demonstrated the dance.

3. Cowboy und Indianer

Your second important dance routine!

It is a bit censored in the video though! In the last bit, where you hear “Wie beim ersten Mal”  you should stretch your arms and forward and pull your fists towards your waist and continue (this offensive movement if you know what I mean)

4. Skandal im Sperrbezirk

Just learning the refrain will make you sing with everyone. And it is very easy. (Seconds 1:05 to 1:20 of the video)

Und draußen vor der großen Stadt
steh’n die Nutten sich die Füße platt,
Skandal im Sperrbezirk,
Skandal im Sperrbezirk,
Skandal… Skandal um Rosi!


5.Viva Colonia

Another classic of german folk festivals, originating from Cologne as the name says. Learn the following lyrics and you will know enough:

Da simmer dabei ! (Count us in!)
Dat is prima! VIVA COLONIA! (That is wonderful! Long live Cologne!)
Wir lieben das Leben, die Liebe und die Lust (We love life, love and desire)
Wir glauben an den lieben Gott und hab’n noch immer Durst. (we believe in dear God and we are still thirsty!)

6. Fürstenfeld

Let’s apply here again the pareto principle, knowing 20% of the lyrics will give you 80% of the fun. Just learn the following refrain (1:14-1:27):

I will wieder ham,  (I want to go back home)
fühl mi da so allan (I feel very lonely there)
I brauch ka große Welt, (I do not need a big world)
i will ham nach Fürstenfeld (I want to go home to Fürstenfeld)

7.  Die Haende zum Himmel

That is a lively song that involves a lot of applauding. It also displays the Gemuetlichkeit principle of Bavaria if you look into the meaning of the lyrics.

Learning the refrain between seconds 0:37 – 1:07 will do it!

Und dann die Hände zum Himmel,  (And then the hands to the sky)
komm lasst uns fröhlich sein, (come let us be happy)
wir klatschen zusammen (we applaud together)
und keiner ist allein (and nobody is alone)

8. Joanna

That songs involve some dirty words all kind meaning “hot bitch”, which the crowd shout back at the band. That makes the song a funny one. (The places where the German text is in brackets is where people shout back at the band)

Joana, (Joanna)
(du geile Sau) (you hot bitch)
geboren um Liebe zu geben, (born to give love)
(du Luder) (you slut)
Verbotene Träume erleben,  (realise forbidden dreams)
(du Drecksau) (you dirty pig)

Ohne Fragen an den Morgen danach aha aha (without questions on the days after)
Oh Joana,
(du geile Sau) (you hot bitch)
Dein Lächeln ist fordernd und flehend,  (Your smile demands and implores)
(du Luder) (you slut)

Mit mir all die Wege zu gehen, (that you will go with me all the way)
(du Drecksau) (you dirty pig)

Die ein Mensch allein nicht findet (which one cannot find alone)


9. Hey baby

This one is in English, and very easy to catch up as the lyrics are really short,simple and very very very repetitive.

Hey, hehey baby
I wanna know
If you’ll be my girl



10. Das geht ab

This songs play when it is full party mood inside the tent.

Ignore the rest of the song, focus on the short refrain. (between seconds 0:51 – 1:20)

Hey das geht ab (it is getting crazy here!
wir feiern die ganze Nacht (We will party all night long!)
die ganze Nacht (all night long!)



11. Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht

Get the general feel of the song, join the crowd by singing “dam dam dam dam” which is every second line of the song.

The refrain (00:25-00:42) to learn is this one:
Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht (marble, stone and iron breaks)
aber unsere Liebe nicht (but not our love)
alles, alles geht vorbei (everything, everything comes to an end)
doch wir sind uns treu (but we stay devoted to each other)


That is another total classic of Oktoberfest.

Even if you cannot learn the following refrain, just repeat the “Hölle Hölle Hölle Hölle” and “Fühlen fühlen fühlen fühlen”. These words are sung by public. This video shows how they sing it in the tent.

This is the refrain (you can hear it between seconds 0:42-1:10):

das ist wahnsinn warum schickst du mich in die Hölle (Hölle Hölle Hölle Hölle) (this is incredible, why do you send me to hell?)
eiskalt lässt du meine Seele erfrier’n (you let my soul freeze)
das ist Wahnsinn du spielst mit meinen Gefühlen (fühlen fühlen fühlen fühlen) (this is incredible. you are playing with my feelings)
und mein Stolz liegt längst schon auf dem Müll (Müll, Sondermüll) (my pride is in trash since a long time)
doch noch weiß ich was ich will – ich will dich (ganz allein). (but I still know what I want- I want you)


13. Atemlos

That is seen by locals as a cheesy song. You should sing it in a way as if you are making fun of it. For some it is like guilty pleasure. For some you are allowed to sing it just when you are drunk. But it was playing over and over in the year 2015.

It is very easy

Just sing the ooh, oohs and the following short part:

Atemlos durch die Nacht,
Bis ein neuer Tag erwacht
Atemlos einfach raus
Deine Augen ziehen mich aus!
Atemlos durch die Nacht
Spür’ was Liebe mit uns macht
Atemlos, schwindelfrei, großes Kino für uns zwei

You can always sing the underlined text and humm the rest of the text:)


14. Tage wie diese

This song is great to shout aloud and get discharged!

Learning the following refrain will be enough (you can hear it between seconds 1:27 – 1:52)

An Tagen wie diesen, wünscht man sich Unendlichkeit (on days like these, one wishes to be infinite)
An Tagen wie diesen, haben wir noch ewig Zeit (on days like these, we have endless time)
Wünsch ich mir Unendlichkeit (I wish to be infinite)

15. Sierra Madre

This song is usually the closing song, even the closing of the Wiesn.

Just learn the following refrain which is actually subsets of the “Sierra Madre del Sur”.

Sierra, Sierra Madre del Sur,
Sierra, Sierra Madre, oh, oh,
Sierra, Sierra Madre del Sur,
Sierra, Sierra Madre.

These are the most played German songs in Oktoberfest. There will be classical world hits such as Country Roads, YMCA, Walking on Sunshine, Sweet Home Alabama and Angels, which you already know. Now with these 15 songs you will know 70% of the songs and ready to enjoy the Oktoberfest (Wiesn as the locals say)!

Viel Spass !