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Impark & Theatron Festival

If you think that the Tollwood is the only summer festival of Munich, you are wrong.

Impark & Theatron festivals are big happenings in Munich. When Summer Tollwood finishes, they take over in keeping the city hip and lively.

These two festivals take place every year in Olympiapark. This year both festivals started on 1st of August and ended on 21st of August.

Impark festival turns Olympiapark into a mini Oktoberfest except the tents. There are many food stalls and shops that sell handmade items. There is a huge ferris wheel which lights up the park and gives it funky vibes. There is the famous Ahoi beach bar, where you can enjoy your cocktail and get your body electric out by touching your feet to the sand.  During the day you can watch the wakeboard competiton and play by going inside a water-ball and walking on the Olympia lake. In the evenings there is live music in the beergarden. The highlights of the festival are the fireworks that were on 4th and 18th this year.

The Theatron festival has the music part of fun. Every  night there are series of concerts in the amphitheater by the lake. For free.

A lot of people prefer to just throw themselves to the grass next to the amphitheater and enjoy the music lying down, looking at the stars.