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Address registration (Anmeldung) in Munich

You are required to register your location of residence (Anmeldung) in 2 weeks after your move. If you fail to do the registration on time, there is a fine of 1000 Euro.

To do your registration, you have to go to the Citizen’s Office (Bürgerbüro – KVR) that is closest for your registration with the required documents. Find the closest citizen’s office to you here.

You have to bring the following papers:

  • Form of registration 
  • Your Identification document (passport or ID if EU citizen)
  • Your rental contract – if it has your name, the full address of the apartment, the start date of your rental contact (if your move in date is different, get the confirmation below from your landlord with your move in date so your 2 weeks of notice does not expire)
  • Confirmation from your host/ landlord:you need this if your name is not in the contract of the apartment you move in or the contract does not fulfill the conditions mentioned above.  In cases of moving to a shared apartment, subrental or staying at a friend’s house, you will need this document. You can get the confirmation from your friend/ host or the person sub-renting you but the main landlord’s information is also required in the form. Make sure you let the landlord know you are moving in as he will be informed about your movement by the citizen’s office.

You can let someone do your registration by giving them the power of attorney through signing a form. You should send the person signed form and your document.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT RELIGION : You are asked in the form about your religion. Be careful! If you select a religion you will be paying extra tax (Monthly %8 of your income tax) that will go to the institution of your religion. If you want to be an active part of your religious community or you want to support them, do that. Otherwise select “(oa- keiner öffentlich-rechtlichen Religionsgesellschaft angehörig.)”. If you by mistake give your religion, you should later go through a process of getting out which costs money and time.

Your Meldebescheinigung (registration confirmation) will be sent to your address you are registered with. So make sure you have your name on the doorbell. It usually takes time till the building management issues a new doorbell label. So you have to write it on a paper and tape it next to the current tenant’s name. But be careful and check frequently if it is still there. My neighbors in the previous apartment were throwing the sticker away, as it was according them looking ugly.

Once you get the Anmeldebescheinigung, secure it somewhere. For making sure you always have it, make a photo of it or scan it and save it as digital document too. You will need this document for a lot of occasions such as when you apply for a service or when you register to a library.

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