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Fun, fresh, relaxed cinema in open air: Kino Mond & Sterne

Before the summer is over you should try one thing in Munich: open air cinema.

There are 4 major ones in Munich: one in Königsplatz, one in Olympiapark, one in Viehhof and one in Westpark.

As I live in the west side, I tried the one in the westpark which is called Kino Mond & Sterne, meaning Moon & Stars cinema.

I booked our tickets online but you can just buy it when you go. Go earlier to buy your tickets (as the number is limited) and to select good places. We arrived 20 minutes before the film start and had to squeeze between people. The first comers got themselves really wide spaces.

Bring blanket (in case it gets cold) and pillows for your bottom, as you are sitting on stone steps for 2 hours.

This cinema is very relaxed about rules. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. But your drinks should be in plastic bottles as glass is not allowed. This is the biggest difference to other open air cinemas, as you cannot bring your own food and drinks to the others.

We watched the latest Ice Age movie. All  the movies are dubbed in German unless they are some foreign independent movie. So if you have difficulty to understand German, you should think twice but maybe you don’t need to understand everything to enjoy a movie like Ice Age, it is also about experience.

The prices are quite reasonable. One ticket costs 6 euro. If you want to watch multiple films one after the ticket there are also tickets for that. Double film ticket costs 9 euro and triple film ticket costs 12 euro. You cannot lengthen your ticket once you got one like you cannot take 1 ticket and ask it to be lengthened to 2 once the film is over, you have to buy a new one. So choose wisely:)

Check the website of Kino Mond & Sterne for the program. You have time just till Sunday 4th of September to watch a movie in Kino Mond & Sterne: Hurry up!