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Trial for Oktoberfest: Herbstfest Rosenheim

This is the Oktoberfest of Rosenheim. So if you are willing to show off with your dirndl/ lederhosen and can’t wait till Oktoberfest, you want to practice Oktoberfest songs & dances and get ready for Oktoberfest, you like partying and/ or folkfestivals Herbstfest Rosenheim is for you. It is going on till 11th of September.

How to reach Rosenheim:

  • With Deutsche Bahn. One person return ticket costs 30 euro. If you gather some friends, you can get the Bayern ticket and it gets much cheaper. Bayern ticket which lets you travel in Bavaria region till the next day 3am costs 23 euro for a person and additional 5 euro for every other person up to 5 people. So if you gather 4 friends and travel together, you can travel for 43 euro, meaning 8,6 euro each.  You can also take the BOB and Meridian with this ticket.
  • There is a special Herbstfest Rosenheim offer from Meridian and BOB on Mondays and Tuesdays called GutenTag Ticket. When you buy that ticket, print page one and page two of this flyer, and bring the ticket with these flyers to the Auerbräu festival hall next to Information Stand, you will get 1 beer token and a honorary card that lets you ride free in a fun ride. It costs 21 Euro per person and every additional person pays 5 euro. So if you would go as a group of 5 people it would cost 41 euro and 8,2 Euro per person. But unfortunately there is just one 1 beer coupon and 1 free ride with the ticket so you should figure out how to share that.



I will check it out myself on Thursday and will update you as soon as I am back!So here is my update from Herbstfest Rosenheim:

The transportation was very simple.  We took the regional train from Ostbahnhof. We used the Bayern ticket. When we got out of the train, it was quite easy to find the festival area just by following the people with dirndl and lederhosen. I guess we did not walk more than 15 minutes.

The festival area is quite similar to Theresienwiese, but only smaller and much less crowded.

There are two tents: One from Auerbräu and one from Flötzinger Bräu. We were in the Auerbräu. (Here is a little video I made from inside the tent) It was quite spacious. Our place was far from  the stage so we could not hear much of the music. The classical Oktoberfest music that makes you dance did not start untill 8:30-9 and it was a calmer scene than Oktoberfest. I did not see anyone dancing wildly on the table but to tell the truth, I did not look so well as I spent the last hours in the fun rides. The surprising thing about the Auerbräu was that there was a free wifi! And the price of beer is much cheaper compared to Oktoberfest. It is 8,40 (you should add 1 euro tip making it 9,40). This year one bier in Oktoberfest will cost 10,70 but you will probably pay 12 with the tip.











The fun rides were quite allright. There is the famous chain swing ride of the Oktoberfest. And I tried it for the first time in my life and I loved it! I screamed so much, oh gosh! My second dare was the “Crazy Mouse”. It is very similar to Wilde Maus in Oktoberfest but the carriage is for 4 people and it also turns around itself. Which I did not like at all! I hit my head in one of the corner turns. It was scary enough for me without the around itself turn, why introduce that?? There are some other scary rides which I did not dare but they could be fun for you.

All in all, I really enjoyed Herbstfest Rosenheim and I recommend it to everyone.

So put your dirndl/ Lederhosen on, study the songs & dances, buy your ticket and hop into the train to Rosenheim! And tell me how it went and share photos!