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What to wear to Oktoberfest


Me in dirndl

If you want to enjoy Oktoberfest like a local, you should get dressed appropriately. This means dirndl for ladies and lederhosen for gentlemen.

Dirndl is the traditional Bavarian dress for ladies.

It consists of one dress, worn with a short blouse inside and completed with an apron.
Dress should be knee-length or longer. The shorter ones are noticed immidiately as the tourist-dress.
The apron should have the same length of the dress.
As shoes, it is recommended to wear low heels but as it is a long day involving a lot of dancing, walking around, standing I reccommend to wear ballerinas instead.

How you tie the bow of your dirndl tells all about your relationship status!
Where you place the bow of your apron is important and gives the signal to the boys around. If it is on your right, it means that you have a relationship. If iz is on your left, it means you are single and ready to mingle. If it is in the front, it means that you are virgin or just a little girl. If it is on the back, it means you are either a waitress or a widow. So ladies, tie your bows responsibly 🙂 . But sometimes guys don’t know that or don’t care. :p


three gentlemen with lederhosen.

The gentleman should wear lederhosen, the leather pants.

These usually come with suspenders. (But I personally find it nicer without suspenders.)
There are special white shirts to wear with lederhosen and they look the best. (see the guy on the right picture) But you can wear a checkered shirt as well.(like the two other guys in the picture)
There are special shoes that are called haferl shoes that you should wear with lederhosen. The socks should be wool and off-white, and should be pulled down.
Better not wear a scarf, that is usually for tourists.

Never ever wear funny hats. If you would like to wear hats buy one that is made to wear with the traditional dress. Like these ones.


Hats that can be worn with dirndl / lederhosen.

In the last years, it became popular to wear lederhosen for the ladies as well. There are mini shorts for ladies that are different than the male ones. If you are into that, you should buy yourself one. But it is more difficult to find one in the second hand shop.

If you want to buy lederhosen/ dirndl, you can find shops that only sell  those on Neuhauser Strasse, close to Karlsplatz. There are also nice ones with reasonable prices in C&A shops

For lederhosen, you should calculate 190 euro for the whole package of lederhosen, shirt, shoes and socks. For ladies, it might cost around 150 euro if you like to buy something nice and of good quality.

But there is also the option to buy second hand. Vinty’s has a good selection of dirndls and lederhosen. And you can collect the package really on a low budget. You might also want to check e-bay if you have time to wait for the delivery.

Let me know if you have any questions and send me photos of your lederhosen/ dirndl if you have one!