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Checklist before you visit Oktoberfest

If you make sure you check the following items, Oktoberfest will be more fun for you. So here is your checklist:

1. You are dressed properly.

You will enjoy Oktoberfest however you are dressed but having a lederhosen/ dirndl on will put you more in the right Wiesn feeling. If you decided to buy this traditional dress on, please buy a proper one and put it on right.

2. You have comfortable shoes on.

I would like to remind you that Oktoberfest area is 42 hectares. This is a lot of walk! Plus, you will be dancing on the benches at some point if not right away. So make sure you have comfy shoes on. Otherwise you will be taking them off on your way back home. (which is actually quite common, but may night be so nice on a rainy day and during Oktoberfest time as there are a lot of people that cannot handle Oktoberfest beer and the streets may be gross)

3. You don’t have a big bag with you

Due to the security measures this year, visitors are not allowed to take bags bigger than 3 L to the oktoberfest area. Make sure your bag is small enough. There are controls in the enterance to the festival area and to the tents and you will not be let in if you have a bigger bag.

If you have no place to leave your big bag, you can use the locker wagons outside the Oktoberfest area and in Hauptbahnhof. Of course you have to pay for them

4. You have a plastic bag with you (folded).

This is the wisest tip I am giving you, thank me later! Once you get in the tents, you will not have space to put your coat and bag. As a smart person, you will take out your plastic bag, fold your coat and put it inside with the other belongings and put everything under the table. And everything will stay dry and clean.

Fold your plastic bag as little as possible and carry in your pocket or your little bag.

5. You are dressed for any weather.

Munich’s weather like surprises. You can sometimes see all seasons on one day, it might start with heavy rain, then become warm and sunny, and then suddenly there is snow. No joke, I have experienced that a couple of times. Therefore be ready. Always have a jacket with you and better be a waterproof one, or carry an umbrella with you.

6. You have enough cash with you.

In Munich, you always pay with cash or with German debit cards. It is the same for Oktoberfest. You wouldn’t want to go look for an ATM when you are tipsy and having fun, so make sure you have enough cash with you. By enough cash I mean at least 50 euro if you plan to go inside the tents. This is the amount you would need for 2 beers, food and a ride to home.

7. You know the no-go’s of the tents.

Do not get on the table. You are allowed to get on the benches but getting on the table will get you kicked out really quickly.

Don’t try to steal your beer stein, it is a crime and you might have serious trouble.

8. You know the most popular Oktoberfest songs, at least you can hum some of them.

If you don’t know any of  them, you should at least learn the Prosit song. That is when you have to raise your glass and cling it with all your new friends at your table.

9. You know the right stop to exit for getting to Oktoberfest area.

To avoid the masses, leave at Goetheplatz, Hauptbahnhof, Hackerbrücke or Schwanthalerhöhe and walk to the Oktoberfest area.

10. You know that the Oktoberfest beer is not a standard beer and you drink it accordingly

Oktoberfest beer is more alcoholic (6% alcohol) and has more sugar than the standard beer and it is served in 1L steins which is called Mass. So make sure you drink slowly and responsibly. If you feel you are getting bad, order water instead.


When you check all these items, you will have a comfortable and happy Wiesn time! Prost!


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