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So has gone the first week of Oktoberfest 2016

The Oktoberfest 2016 started with a lot of rain. Despite the rain, there were many people on the streets to watch the opening parade where the tent patrons, waitresses and waiters, and little shop owners and personnel moved all over the city towards Oktoberfest area and saluted the people of the city.

We had our umbrellas but got still a bit wet, whereas some smart(rich?) people watched it from a cosy warm place with beer in their hands. (We found out that it is possible to enter there paying 25 euro and get a breakfast)










Here are a video from this event.

My friends and I, who were too lazy to get up earlier to have breakfast before the parade, headed to a restaurant for lunch before going to Oktoberfest area. We chose Lindwurmstüberl as it has the best chicken (hendl) and Augustiner beer. After lunch we headed directly to Oktoberfest from Goetheplatz.

There are new security measures this year so we did not take any big bags with us. Our bags were controlled at the enterance to the Oktoberfest area and we could enter without problems.


It was rainy and was not so much fun to walk outside. We found refuge in Kaiserschmarrn Cafe and wanted to get a coffee to wake up a bit after heavy lunch and two glasses of beer.(so that we could continue drinking)

Kaiserschmarrn Cafe is the tent of Rischart, a bakery chain from Munich. In this tent they serve breakfast, desserts, coffee, coctails, wine and champagne. There is live music also there but fewer people are dancing on the benches probably due to the lack of beer and the fact that the coctails and wine are expensive.

We were lucky that we were on time for a nice tradition: the wedding cake of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. If you don’t know the story, Octoberfest started because of the wedding of Bavaria’s prince Ludwig to the princess Therese in 1810. Guests and the locals had so much fun at the festivities that they decided to repeat it every year: and here you are the Oktoberfest, still going strong after more than 200 years. To honor the history of the fest, Cafe Kaiserschmarn in the Oktoberfest serves a wedding cake to its guests everyday at 2pm. (it is free, but you have to be in the front of the line to get some)

After coffee and cake we headed to the tents. We found place in our first trial at Paulaner Bräurosl. There were places for 2 people and we were 4 but that was ok, we still got beer served and soon there was space to sit for all of us.

Just a tip to all of you, don’t get discouraged if you see the tent full. Go inside the corridors and ask every table you see a bit of space at if there is any place free. Most of the time they will say that they are in the toilet but at one point you will find the place at one table. Keep asking.

As it was early in the afternoon music was not loud enough and was kind of slow. We could not dance at all. But it was fun anyway.  Two of my friends went to toilet and could not come for hours because there was so much queue.

Ask the employees of the tent if there are toilets outside. Usually there are but the people don’t know about them.

Before we went out we tried out the bumper cars. It was way too short time because a lot of people were waitig for their turns.

While we were walking towards exit, something funny happened.

A guy came next to me, entered under my umbrella and held my hand holding the umbrella saying he just wanted to go under the umbrella. I told him that I was with my friends and husband but he said that, that had nothing to do with them, he was just protecting himself from the rain. He did not try to hit on me or anything (or did he?). After a few minutes my husband told him goodbye. There are these kinds of funny things happening all the time in Wiesn, don’t be surprised.ochsenbraterei

I went to the Oktoberfest area again on tuesday around 5. It was so empty, there were free places in all  the tents except the Marstall, I could not believe my eyes. I don’t know if it was just because it was Tuesday and the weather was not that nice but that was so surprising.


On Friday night I went there again around 9:30 and I could again find place although the tents looked a bit fuller this time. I witnessed two different groups getting kicked out of the tent by the security. Please please please if you go to Oktoberfest, behave well, be polite with people, don’t quarrel, things can escalate quickly. Don’t step on the tables. and don’t jump from the table/bench to the corridor. These are no go’s and will get your ass kicked out of the tent.

While I was leaving the  tent I saw people lining up in front of Wine tent. The party goes on longer there.

One of the funniest things of the first week is the twitter account of Munich police. They set a special force for Oktoberfest watch and tweeted their experiences during the watch realtime. Look at those two example below. Aren’t they hilarious?

Drunk 17 year old was just picked up by his parents. Colleagues in the Oktoberfest-watch are still sitting trembling after the speech of the father.

1st Tweet: Drunk Englishman comes to the Wiesnwatch and asks his Dildo back, which apperantly  was taken from him during the security control.

2nd tweet: Our current “Wiesn- Fail of the day” goes to the English toylover, closely followed by the poll dancer from our cell.


Oh yeah dears. So was the first week of Oktoberfest.

You still have the chance to make your own experience. It continues till 3rd of Oktober, Monday. If you can, go especially on Monday evening and be there in a tent at the closing. It is a great scene to be part of!

Let me know how the Wiesn was for you so far.