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Oktoberfest 2016 Report

Oktoberfest 2016 was more relaxed than ever. The tents stayed open and it was possible to find a place to sit most of the time.

The numbers also show it. There were 300.000 less visitors this year compared to last year. (The number of visitors were 5,6 million this year)

The weather did not make it easier. It rained the first and the last weekend.  (Although rain made me have a funny experience.)

There were some firsts for me and for Oktoberfest this year.

My firsts:

  • This year was the first time my parents visited Oktoberfest and also my parents-in law. Both parents had a lot of fun. So I can say that Oktoberfest is a universally fun experience for all ages and nations.
  • I watched the cake ceremony for the first time.
  • I am not sure if that’s a first, but I visited the Oktoberfest 5 times.

Oktoberfest’s firsts:

  • They covered the festival area with the fence.
  • They introduced security controls in the enterance.
  • Entry to festival area with big bags were banned. (All these security precautions were taken well by the visitors.)
  • The police was not fully present physically in the festival area but also on social media. They made many laugh with  their hilarious tweets.

Some fun facts about Oktoberfest 2016:

  • 96000 mugs were tried to be stolen but were saved by security.
  • There were again funny items in the lost and found this year: like a doctor’s report covering the whole Oktoberfest period.
  • Most popular song of this year was Hulapalu by Andreas Gabelier, followed by “Ham kummst” from Selier und Speer.

It was nice but it’s over, now we will wait 340 days for the next one. But there are always festivities in this city and I will be there to write about it. So hold on tight !



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