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Apartment Adverts explained

Fact: It is difficult to find an apartment in Munich. But it can be even more difficult for a non German speaker as housing world has a language of itself.

Here we will go over some apartment adverts and explain what the terms and abbreviations mean.




In the online adverts, abbreviations are not used. Therefore, you can easily use google translate and understand the terms.

Wohnungstyp means apartment type. Here it is Etagenwohnung, a regular flat in an apartment building.

Wohnflaeche c.a.: approximate living space

Bezugsfrei ab: Available to move in starting from.

You know Zimmer is room, Schlafzimmer is bedroom and Badezimmer is bathroom. As usual pets are not allowed. (That is very unfair I know, but most of the flats do not accept tenants with pets)

Garage/ Stellplatz: Garage/ parking space: Tiefgarage means there is an underground garage.

Here you see a link near SCHUFA- Auskunft. Schufa is the credit risk evaluation company. Most of the landlords require you to submit a credit report from Schufa with your application.



Kaltmiete: cold rent, the rent without any expenses.

Nebenkosten: additional expenses. These can be the shared water and electricity of the building, prepayment of heating and water costs, repairs, janitor costs etc.

Heizkosten: heating costs. These costs are usually included in the heating costs. You usually pay a monthly amount for heating in your “nebenkosten”. There is a yearly reading of the values and then the landlord bills you for your use. If you used more than you paid, you have to pay the difference, if you used less than you paid, you get the difference. In this example there is no idea about how high the heating costs are but it is clear that it is not included in the “Nebenkosten” as it says for Gesamtmiete (total rent) 1410 plus Heating expenses. (zzgl. is the short form of zuzueglich which means plus)

Kaution means deposit. It is usually 3 cold rents. And it is so in this example. There is also a rent to pay for the garage, which is 75 euro in this example.



Baujahr is the year the building was built.

Heizungsart means the type of heating. In this case it is central heating.

Wesentliche Energietraeger means main energy source: district heating

Energieausweis: Energy performance certificate- in this example it exists.

Energieausweistyp: certificate type. Here it is Bedarfssausweis which is a certificate that show what the theoretical energy requirement of your building is. It will be shown on a scale from A to H.


This was  the easier part of the game.

It gets a bit more difficult when you check the adverts on the newspaper. As the advert is priced per line, the landlord tries to formulate it as short as possible and then we have a lot of abbreviations.


3-Zi.-Luxuswhg. in Bestlage -> 3 Zimmer Luxuswohnung in Bestlage  meaning 3 rooms luxury apartment in the best location

WM-> Warmmiete meaning warm rent that includes the expenses

o. Prov-> ohne Provision meaning no payment to the estate agent.

3MM Kaut. -> 3 Monatsmiete Caution meaning a deposit of 3 months’ rent

EA vorh. -> Energieausweis vorhanden meaning that they can show the energy performance certificat



newspaper_advert2_pictureMais-Whg-> Maisonette Wohnung meaning maisonette apartment

1St. m. Blk-> 1. Stock mit Balkon  meaning first floor with balcony

Duplex-G -> Duplex garage meaning duplex garage (that was pretty obvious, huh? 🙂 )

NK-> Nebenkosten meaning additional expenses

MM-> Monatsmiete meaning monthly rent



newspaper_advert3_pictureKompl. moebl. 1-Zi-App. -> komplett moebiliertes 1 Zimmer Apartment meaning completely furnished 1 room apartment

W-Blk-> westbalkon (I don’t think this needs translation)

an NR-> an Nicht Raucher meaning -> to Non-smoker (huh, this was tricky)

Bj. 70-> Baujahr 70 meaning built in 70

EA-V -> Energieausweis vorhanden meaning they have the energy performance certificate


Here are some other abbreviations for your later use:

NK-> Nebenkosten : additional expenses

HZK-> Heizkosten: heating expenses

KT -> Kaution: Deposit

EBK-> Einbauküche: fitted kitchen

TG-> Tiefgarage: underground garage

Ga. -Ant-> Garten Anteil : usage right of a part of the garden

DB D’Bad-> Dusche Bad: shower

NKM-> Nettokaltmiete : Net cold rent (rent excluding expenses)

OG-> Obergeschoss: Upper floor

EG-> Erdgeschoss: Ground floor


I hope that can help you a bit with the apartment search. You can check the blog post “How to find an apartment in Munich”..

It is a challenging, sometimes nerve-racking journey but keep going, let everyone around you know about your search and you will find an apartment.