Learn skiing in Munich

Munich is a wonderful place to go skiing in the winter. It takes one to two hours to reach the best ski resorts. If you can’t ski don’t worry. You can learn skiing in Munich in three weekends with the short ski method.

I come from a city in Turkey with an average winter temperature of 10 ℃.  When I first saw snow, I was 18. I tried learning skiing when I was 25 and failed miserably. I developed a fear and eventually stopped trying. As I started living in Munich and my husband liked skiing, it made sense to give it a try again. I heard from a friend that there was a course that could teach anyone skiing: l.

I got in contact with the course immediately and my journey started with the info evening last year and I finished my training skiing down a red slope.  You can read my story in my post My fear of skiing and 10 things I learned about the fear fighting against it. I am so thankful for Parallel Skiing that I overcame my fear and finally made it!

The difference of Parallel skiing is that you learn gradually but really fast thanks to the short ski method. You start with the shortest skis possible (65 cm) and get used to the feeling of having skis, moving with the skis. Once you feel a bit ok with that, you start practicing skiing directly parallel (without any snow plough), getting support in the beginning by holding on to a pole, holding hands and then once you get comfortable, you start skiing parallel just by yourself.  You learn to break at the earliest stage as possible. And you learn to get up easily once you fall which is a super useful information.(then falling does not matter anymore) Once you can ski on the sweet slopes, you start going a bit higher on the mountain and start learning to use the poles. On your third weekend you already go to the red slopes and work on improving your technique. If you are good and brave enough you can even ski the black slopes.

The brain, the founder, the organiser and chief instructor of Parallel Skiing is Ken Lawler. He has a wonderful team of instructors who are fun and super supportive of your journey. The trainings take place on the weekends. You meet with the instructors and fellow students in Munich, travel to the ski village by cars together, stay in a hut, spend all saturday and sunday on the slopes training and travel back to Munich together on Sunday by car. The trainings are in English. And you make a lot of friends and have so much fun! The parties at apreski and in the hut are legendary.

The cost is unbelievably reasonable for such a training. You pay per weekend, and the instruction, rent of the skis, accommodation with breakfast, lift passes and travel expense are all included in the fee you pay. We had calculated it and it was costing less than us going skiing alone for a weekend and renting out skis there.

The registration to the course is only possible by going to an info evening. Once you go to info evening, you learn more about the course, select the boot you will use during your training and decide on the weekends that you will visit the course. This year the course will be the first 6 weekends of the year. The info evenings have already started and will continue in the beginning of November. If you are interested send an email asap to parallel_skiing@gmx.com not to miss the chance to join this year. For more information you can check the website of Parallel Skiing.