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What I would miss about Munich

I read the invitation of Blog to Blogparade: “What would you miss about Munich?” and thought that it is a great question. I wanted to use it as an exercise to be thankful, to remember the joy of living in this beautiful city.

I closed my eyes and let the images come to me.

fall_in_munichNow that fall is here, I feel that I  would miss walking from my house to work and seeing the palette of 1000 color variations of leaves from gold to brown, from red to green and I would miss the shush-shush they make while I walk.

I would miss..

Having a Feierabendbier at the Boazn on the way home.

Leaving work early on Fridays and the normality of that for everyone.  If it is summer, going to English garden, rolling up the pants and putting my feet in the water.

Meeting friends at the beergarden. The blue-white checkered table clothes of the neighboring tables. Everybody bringing food from home and sharing it all together.

The channel at Maria Einsiedel Bad. The time it takes to actually go down the stairs till the water touches my belly and then just letting go and moving with the current. The short panic of not being able to reach to the ladder on time to go out.

Coming back home with the tram at 4 a.m after partying.

munich_skiesThe colors of the sky. Baby blue and cotton clouds during the day. Shades of red at dusk. Watching the sunset or being stunned at the sight of the full moon on the Hackerbrücke.

Lazy Sundays. Silence in the neighborhood… Having loong late breakfasts with a huge Milchkaffee.

Visiting museums for 1 euro on Sundays. And then Kaffee und Kuchen at a nearby café.

Lake hopping in the summer. Wesslinger See, Wörthsee, Pilsensee, Ammersee… Floating on the water in the middle of the lake bathing my eyes and soul with the green and blue at Unterföhringer See.



Unterföhringer See


I would miss…



Christmas markets and Glühwein.

St. Christophers’s day, feeling happy, crazy and free. Partying all over the city.

Enjoying music and beer at Chinese Tower.

Walking from Karlsplatz to Odeonsplatz. Passing through Marienplatz. Checking the shops, watching the people passing by, rubbing the noses of the lions.

The huge pizzas at L’osteria!



Looking through books at Hugendubel and watching people read.

Becoming friends with strangers at the Oktoberfest, singing together, clinging beer mugs.

Biking and feeling the wind on my face.

Seehaus and Isar by the side of Deutsches Museum.

Dancing at the Diana Temple in Hofgarten.


Diana Temple

Tasting food at Viktualienmarkt.


I would miss…


The crazy Munich weather, how it can change during the day, seeing all seasons on one day.

Getting the best weather of the day when I leave work.

Open air cinema bringing blanket, food, drinks from home.

Grilling and picnicking in the parks.

Piece of heaven in Nymphenburg Palace.



Nymphenburg Palace

Flea markets.

Apfelschorle, Käsespätzle, Breze and Obazda.

Not caring about my bag’s zipper being open, seeing bikes unlocked on the street, finding the backpack I left on the train in the lost and found office the next day.

Feeling free, feeling alive, feeling part of the nature and the world.


I would miss a lot of Munich… That´s why I am staying for more!


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