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10 Groups you can join to make friends in Munich

Once you move to a new city, you can feel lonely if you don’t know anyone there yet. But getting to know people can be easier than you think. Especially in Munich. There are many groups and communities you can check out to get to know new people and make friends in Munich.

Groups to check out to make new friends:

1. Munich – International Friends

Munich International Friends is a closed facebook group, which I also mentioned in the “How to find an apartment” post. This is a group of international people as the name tells. On the wall of the group, there is a lot of helpful discussion about life in the city.  They also organize social events frequently so that you can make new friends.

2. Meetup

Meetup is an online platform for interest groups. In Munich, there are many of those! Check it out and I am sure you will something interesting for you. As we are in Germany some of these groups will be in German but there are enough international groups for you to join and socialize. Here are some of those:

3. Internations

Internations is a social network for expats and locals with an international background. There are monthly get-togethers and parties at good clubs like P1 and interest groups like on You should become a premium member to join the events regularly. You can also use the website to find people with similar backgrounds (city of birth, company, languages etc.) and connect with them.

4. Toytown

Toytown calls itself the English language community in Germany. The members are usually  (but not limited to) mother tongue English speakers but anyone speaking English well is welcome. They come together frequently in various events.

5.OpenDays Coaching Club

OpenDays Coaching Club, which I am a proud member and the treasurer of, is an international community in Munich that aims to support and encourage individuals in their developmental journey. We organize workshops and events in English, social get-togethers, and dinners to connect with, inspire and support each other.

6. Parallel Skiing

If you can’t ski yet or you can and want to improve your technique, good news: there is this wonderful course called Parallel Skiing. The courses are English, so the participants are all with international backgrounds. The course is fun like going to a school trip and fun continues after the course as the community is very connected. They organize ski trips, beer garden meetings or other events frequently to get together.

7. Couchsurfing

You probably heard of Couchsurfing as a platform for finding a place to stay while traveling. Couchsurfing is also a social network and has local regular meetings. If you like traveling or like people who like traveling, you might want to check out the regular meetings of Couchsurfing in Munich such as Weekly Tuesday meeting 


Toastmasters aims to help members develop their public speaking skills and be effective communicators. There are following English speaking Toastmaster groups where you can develop your communication skills and also make new friends: Munich Toastmasters, Munich ProstmastersEffective Communicators

It is normal to feel lonely in the beginning when you just moved to Munich. If you want to get to know new people and make new friends, check out the groups above and start connecting!

9. LMBB (Just for ladies)

LMBB (short for Little Munich Black Book) is a great Facebook group for English speaking, fun loving ladies. There is a lot of exchange about parenting, day to day struggles in Munich, love, affairs, food and whatnot. The ladies organize get togethers frequently, so go make yourself new girlfriends.

10.  Parents in Munich (as you guessed- for parents)

Parents in Munich Facebook Group is your go-to group for matters of parenting and socialising with other English speaking parents.


The list above is only the groups I know of (List Updated in August 2018), I am sure you can find more yourself.  But it’s a good start to check them out and write hello if you’d like to make new friends.

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