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14 Christmas Markets you should visit in Munich

The Christmas markets season officially started in Munich. Now it is time to go out and walk through the colorful stands, enjoy glühwein and tasty sweet and savory food. Once you go out, you might bump into a Christmas market stand as there are supposedly 35 Christmas markets in the city center. published a very nice map depicting the location of christmas markets on the public transportation map.

I went through the list and made a shortlist of the Christmas markets, that are in the city center and easy to reach from one another by walk or by public transportation. I grouped these markets that can be visited on the same day one after another and marked these with the same color on the map.



All the Christmas markets in group 1 are reachable by walk from one another.

1.Middle Ages Christmas Market

This Christmas market is a time travel to the middle ages. People working there are all dressed up with the style of middle ages. The stands, the mugs of Glühwein and the shows also adds to the feeling. A must visit. The market is at Wittelsbacher Platz, just near Odeonsplatz.  Check the website of the Middle Ages Christmas Market for the program and other details.

2.Christmas Village at Residenz

This is a cute Christmas village at the Residenz with a clock tower. There is also a small stage with daily shows. Just on your way from middle ages market to Marienplatz. Check the details and program on the website of the Christmas Village.


3. Big Christmas Market at Marienplatz

This is the huge Christmas market at Marienplatz with many stanìlls. The huge Christmas tree adds to the charm of the Christmas market. You can also adore the huge Christmas tree. 

4. Christmas market at Viktualienmarkt

Viktualiennarkt is decorated and new stalls opened for Christmas. Once you are there, you might also stop by the Alpenwahn just behind the Viktualienmarkt by the Pschorr. They say they have the special homemade Glühwein and big wooden statues.

5. Sendlinger Tor Christmas Market and Christmas tram

You can walk to Sendlinger Tor from Viktualienmarkt and there you will find the Sendlinger Tor Christmas market. While you are at Sendlinger Tor, you can hop on to the Christmas tram and have a ride around the city with Christmas songs and gluhwein on the tram.  

6. Pink Christmas

There is a great mood at Glockenbach quarter as always, this time with pink Christmas organized by the LGTB community. Check the full program and details on the website of Pink Christmas.



The following two Christmas markets are 17 minutes walking distance from one another.

7. Maerchenbazar

This is kind of an underground Christmas market with self-made kiosks which offers a mix of art, culture, and music. Check the program on their website.

8. Tollwood Winter Festival

Tollwood is THE winter festival of Munich. It takes place on Theresienwiese, exact place of Oktoberfest. It is a huge festival with many tents which offer shows, concerts, art pieces, gift ideas and delicacies to taste.

Unlike other Christmas markets, Tollwood is open until 1 am every day! Check the full program and other details on Tollwood’s website.



The following three Christmas markets are reachable from one another with a bus ride of 15 minutes max.

9. Schwabing Christmas Market

Schwabing Christmas Market takes place at Muenchner Freiheit. Its main focus is arts. The artists display/ sell their works in the stands. Schwabing was historically a place of artists, and as part of the Christmas market, there are guided tours of the neighborhood in German and in English. There are also concerts and shows every day. Check the program and other details on the website of Schwabing Christmas Market

10. Chinese Tower Christmas Market

You can take the bus 54 from Schwabing Christmas Market (direction Lorettoplatz) and arrive at Chinese Tower in 10 minutes.

The Christmas market in Chinese Tower is a romantic winter dream, especially if there is snow. The brass band plays daily between 4-7 pm.

11. Bogenhausen Christmas Market (Weihnachtszauberwald =magical forest of Christmas)

From Chinese Tower, you can reach to Bogenhausen Christmas Market in less than 15 minutes. Just take the bus 154 to Arabellapark and then walk 7 minutes to Cosimabad.

Shows, acts, concerts on some days of the week and on weekend. Check the program here to see the date and time of the shows. 



The following two Christmas markets are reachable from each other with a very short S-Bahn ride.

12. Haidhausen Christmas Market

Haidhausen Christmas market, which is at Weissenburger Platz,  is an old and traditional Christmas market, smaller compared to the others but is unique, local and not populated by tourists.  There are gospel, brass music and chorus concerts every day. Check the program on its website

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13. Isartor Feuerzangenbowle

You can reach to Isartor from Haidhausen Christmas market in 7 minutes taking the s-bahn. At Isartor, you will find a huge bowl of 9000 Liters in which glühwein boils. Feuerzangenbowle is the glühwein served with sugar rum soaked sugar loaf, which you mix to the wine.


And one last Christmas market that I could not put to any of the groups:

14. Neuhausen Christmas Market

This Christmas market is at Rotkreuzplatz. There is a concert every day, you can find the program on the website

These 14 Christmas markets are the biggest ones in the city. I hope you have a great time, visiting them. I will update the post with the current pictures and impressions as I visit them myself and please share your comments and impressions when you do!

Viel Spass!


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