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Fun for winter in Munich: Eisstockschiessen

I saw the word “Eisstockschiessen” first time at the website of Chinese Tower Christmas Market in November but I wasn’t impressed.

A few weeks ago, a German friend of ours organised an “Eisstockschiessen” meeting at the Nymphenburg Palace Channel so I got to see what it was.

Eisstockschiessen means literally ice stick shooting. (it is a self explanatory word like most of other German words). It is played on the ice (as name already reveals) with a stick (what a surprise). It is very similar to curling in the sense that you have to throw the stick attached to a “stone” on the ice and shoot a target.  The team that has the stones closer to the target get points.

eisstockschiessen_lanesThe rules of Eisstockschiessen

  • You play in 2 teams.
  • You place the target (a stone) at the other end of the lane.
  • Each player will throw the stick to the ice with the goal of being closest to the target. It is allowed to hit the target and push it farther. (which actually makes your stick closest to the target)
  • Once all the team members shoot, the first round is finished and everybody goes to the other side of the lane and check the positions of the sticks. The team that has the stick closest to the target gets 3 points.  For every other stick that is closer to the target than the opponent’s , the team gets two points. Maximum points for one team in one round is then 3+2+2+2 = 9.  Then the target is placed at the other end of the lane and the second round begins. One game consists of 6 rounds.

Nymphenburg Palace Channel looks also beautiful when it is frozen

It is a wonderful sight to see the Nymphenburg Channel frozen and full of people playing Eisstockschiessen, ice hokey, skating or just walking.

I could not play the game as I was too late to the meeting and my friends were already gone but I enjoyed the view.

If you would like to try the game out, call 0179 10 77 187 to check if there is ice on the channel and if it is secure. You can reserve a lane as well. The lane costs 4 euro per person for 4 hours and the rent of a stick costs 3 euro. You can play between 9am till 10 pm. (there is night lights)



Enjoy the Eisstockschiessen and winter in Munich while you can!