Art accidentally

Last week I was drunk by the beautiful weather, I put myself on the streets of Munich. I spent sometime at the Viktualienmarkt, watching people chatting sipping from their beer at the beer garden, checking out the fresh produce of the market, then I kept waking towards Gaertnerplatz, where I wanted to sit a bi t, observe the people and just chill. Gaertnerplatz is really lively when the weather is nice.

On my way I noticed many interesting shops. One of them was a gallery. It had a long corridor before the entrance and with interesting displays of 3D sculptures. I was curious and entered.

I spent nearly half an hour inside. I was mesmerised by the appearance of objects in the shadow and how different I perceive them from the actual objects. The sculptures created other sculptures of themselves with the help of the light. Some of them even displayed dance shows thanks to the air circulating.

I got to talk with the manager of the gallery and learned that the artist created the designs in the computer and they were printed with 3-D printer. How interesting it is that the modern day artist does not have the excuse of being handcrafty. One needs the idea and projection of it into the matter.

I was so inspired by the exhibition. I walked to Gaertnerplatz and sat there with happiness for sometime.

The exhibition continues till 6th of May. You can see it (for free) at Heitsch Gallery, Reichenbachstr. 14.