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Flea Markets in Munich

I love flea markets in Munich. Where I came from, flea markets were not so popular. We had a general belief that the things sold there were there mostly stolen or collected items by collectors.

Here in Munich, there is a big flea market culture. It is seen as a way of sustainable consumption. The individuals, the families check their places and evaluate if they need the furniture, clothes or any item any more and if not they donate them or sell them in flea markets. There are huge flea markets that occur once a year, like the Bavarian Red Cross flea market that took place on Theresienwiese last weekend, there are recurring flea markets like the one in Olympiapark which takes place every weekend and there are also occasional ones like the neighbourhood garage sales or the midnight flea markets.

Last week I have been to the famous Red Cross Flea Market on Theresienwiese. I heard that it was huge, but still did not estimate it that huge. Although I spent a good 2 hours walking around the stands, I guess I saw 60% of the market.

There were every possible thing you can imagine. From cutlery, to big closets, from wedding dress to Russian Army hats, every possible thing! I did not buy anything myself but fed my curiosity and observed people. It was great seeing people finding common ground, sellers talking about their experiences using the items and giving suggestions to the new owner, people talking about the feeling they got from the book that was on the stand of one seller …

I really enjoy visiting flea markets and we often feature flea market events on our “What’s up in Munich This Weekend” posts. So I really advice you to check one out.

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