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A tasty evening at Summer Tollwood

Being a MUCBOOK member, I got to spend an evening at Tollwood with other members and some of the Mucbook team members.

Tollwood takes place in Olympiapark, on the skirts of Olympia hill. Bus 144 brings you directly to the gate of Tollwood from Scheidplatz or Rotkreuzplatz.

At the entrance an art work welcomes you. German cars piled up together, reaching sky.

When you enter the streets of Tollwood, it reminds you the winter Tollwood, with the artisan stalls and food stalls but a warmer one.

There are various tents in Tollwood. The first one I visited is the Hippiedrome, the Hippie tent. You see a lot of piece signs and flowers inside. Even the prezels  are shaped as piece sign. When we were there, there was a rehearsal of the musical. You will probably see the final version of the musical.



After spending some time in Hippiedrome, taking photos with the hippi bus, flower crowns and drinking smoothies, we made our way to dinner.


This year there is a special tent for Indian food called Raj Dhani. The owners of this tent have visited india and decided to bring this concept of food to Munich. Nearly all the stuff is from India. The entrance to the tent costs 12 Euro. In exchange you get a special plate with various traditional Indian dishes and a fresh out of oven pita bread. The waitresses go around with pots in their hands and add more to your plate until you say no. The dishes are all vegan and very delicious.

After food, it is time for a bit of fun which is provided by the photo booth and the Indian hats. You can take your photograph as a souvenir.

Our next stop was to have some drinks and for that we headed to the Half Moon Bar. Most of the tables were full, we were a group of 8, the chairs were pinned to the floor so we had to wait till we find a place to sit together. Luckily waiting lasted just a few minutes and we had a place.

It was very cosy hanging out there. From where I sat, I could see the dance floor and some serious group dancing was going on. There was an animator showing the choreography and the participants were having fun. I learned that there is a silent disco here after 10pm. You get headphones and hear the dj playing through that.

It was getting chilly, dark, clouds were gathering and there were lightning so we decided to head towards home. After so much eating and drinking, some of us still wanted to eat, but this time dessert. So we stopped in front of the “Tuk tuk” and they “tuk” :p some fried banana, sticky rice and mango. We watched the crazy hairdresser – artists doing crazy models while they were eating the desserts. (I really want to get my hair done by them, I hope I get the chance next time). Check the video on the instagram account to see how they do what they do.

It was time to head back home, which was quite easy again with the bus 144 and then the Ubahn.

I could only see a part of Tollwood, I missed the Andechser tent, theater tent, “schauplatz”, Hacker brettl, Andechser Lounge and the Fassbar. There are many free concerts and performances happening in those places! So I will go back many times more.

So should you.

You have chance till 16th of July to visit the great festival!


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