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La Dolce Vita in Monaco di Baviera

The event was already on my radar so I got really excited when I received an invitation to it. What am I talking about? LA DOLCE VITA – The Italian Night at Emporio Armani Caffe.

When I go out I usually wear a blouse, jeans with sneakers. But this time, I made the effort to dress well, all in all, it was Armani Caffe. But still, I could not give away my comfort so quickly so I put on my sneakers going out of the house and changed to high heels just at the last minute in the corner of the neighboring building to Fünf Hoefe, where Armani Cafe is.

We were there around quarter past 7 and learned that dinner started at 8 but we were ok because that gave us time to mingle and enjoy the welcome cocktail(s).  I added an (s) because this cocktail made with Vecchio Amaro del Capo was so good that we asked for the second one.

When it was getting closer to 8, we took the stairs to go up to the restaurant for our dinner (taking our second cocktails with us:) ).

The location was very romantic with dim light, slow Italian music played by the band and the nicely decorated table.

As we sat at our table, we were immediately saluted by our waiter asking us what to drink. We chose white wine and it was yummy. Our starters arrived in a few minutes, continued with main dish and dessert. The food looked so beautiful that we had to take pictures of each plate before we could eat them. Everything was delicious. The menu of the night was as follows:

Hearty terrine of guinea fowl in the pumpkin jacket
Fried stone mushrooms and spice yogurt
Tender beef fillet under the mushroom crust with potato ragout,
glazed spring onions and Trüffelmayonaise
Creamy raspberry-pistachio mousse with crumble,
Pistachio cream and raspberry sorbet

You saw that the menu was heavy on meat and I am a vegetarian but that wasn’t a problem. They prepared vegetarian courses for me. The starter was a delicious Italian cheese with jam and mushrooms. The main dish was meaty mushroom slices with mashed potatoes.

As the time passed by and our food finished, the music got faster and I couldn’t continue sitting anymore. You will see that the others could not either. In between, we were fueled by Vecchio Amaro del Capo shots.

Ice cream cart of Venchi, a brand of Eataly was also there with gin-ice cream combinations which we visited in a break from dance. I never thought of mixing gin and ice cream but it tasted great.

The music ended a bit before 12, we were tired but happy from all the dancing, drinking and eating.

We left the Fünf Höfe. I changed back to my sneakers. My feet thanked me immediately. My feet felt happy and so did I.

It was a night out of the ordinary, it was a night in Munich which felt like it wasn’t, it was a night of feast… a reward for myself.

If you want also a treat for yourself, to have a gourmet dinner and party, check out LA DOLCE VITA, it is every last Thursday of the month, the next one being on August 31st.

The price of dinner and party is 49 Euro per person with a welcome drink, 3-course-menu, a bottle of wine for two, shots and party. If you just want to party, there is a party ticket for 10 Euro with welcome drink and antipasti.

For more information and updates or to reserve your spot check the Facebook event for the next LA DOLCE VITA.

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