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Interview with a native of Munich

I love this city and share what I love about it or warn you about what I do not really like. I also write a lot about what I learn. But I am a foreigner, and considerably new in the end in this city. I am curious how someone being born and raised in Munich thinks about this city, how he/ she lives in this city. So I decided to interview Munich natives, people born and raised here. My first interview is with Hubi Honold, who I met through Onkel Ali. 

Isil: What are your favorite places in Munich?

Hubi: (He thought I was asking for bars so he answered) Zephyr Bar, they have the best whiskey sour. (good to know)

Isil: (I then reframed my question) What are your favorite places to go in the city on a weekend?

Hubi: If I tell now here, everyone would go there! Joking..

Bavaria (note to the reader: the statue at the Theresienwiese). It feels great to sit there in the evening and see the city from the top. It also feels a bit like Washington.

Olympiaberg (note to the reader: the little hill at the Olympiapark) One of the most beautiful places in Munich. When the sun goes down, you go up the hill with the open mouth and can see the whole city from the north to the south, from west to east. Everything. The mountains, the big buildings. Many Munich natives don’t know this place but it is amazing, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world I think.

Isil: Especially for the sunsets, right?

Hubi: Right. With girlfriend.. very romantic.

Isil: we should also go (turning to my husband), we went but never for the sunset.

Hubi: Yes. It is just 4 minutes to go up. It is not tiring, there is a path for walking up. It is really beautiful.

Ok and the most beautiful lake of Munich is the Ammersee. It is not exactly inside Munich but it is a little Garda Lake for Munich people.  Real nice corners around the lake. There is even sand. In the beginning of the water there is a bit of stone but then it is all sand, like in a sea.

Isil: Now it is time to go to lakes.

Hubi: Yes, now it is again time.

Isil: What do you love in Munich generally?

Hubi: The people are a bit difficult, as you know. The Bavarians… they don’t like other people so much. But if you get to know them, you understand they have a big heart.

Isil: But you are born in Munich, right? So you are Bavarian.

Hubi: Hmm, yes but I am a bit different. My mother is not from here. And I feel like I’m more from Munich, then being Bavarian. There is a little difference but it deserves to be explained.

What is the best thing here? (asking to himself) I guess that you have everything. In summer it is wonderful. In winter you go to mountains. In fall you go hiking. Everything is in front of your door.

The airport is very good, you can travel to anywhere in the world. Other than that, you are in Italy in 4 hours! You can go to the sea. Munich is really the central point in every direction. The other cities of Germany are also a few hours away. The same for Italy and Austria. It is really a central point to travel around the world. This is the best thing here, and of course the beauty of the city. You have everything in front of the door. You can do sport. (he works at FITrate, a sports company, so he is really into sport) The Olympiapark is huge, there are so many possibilities. Munich is really green. Ok, you have the big streets, traffic chaos and so on but the city is full of parks. Bavariapark, Westpark, English Garden – one the biggest parks in the world. Luitpoldpark, Olympiapark… Everywhere parks. One does not really appreciate it but the city is full of green, trees, lakes. You don’t need to leave Munich for anything you need in the world. Big nature…

Isil: What don’t you like about Munich?

Hubi: Driving a car between 7 to 10 and 16 to 19. Total chaos. I have a Vespa. I am an Italy fan. I like riding my Vespa and bypassing cars. But driving a car is terrible, especially at these times I mentioned.

Isil: But you don’t actually need to drive a car here, do you?

Hubi: Yes, sometimes for business meetings I need to drive.  And it is really impossible. And Sbahn is not better either. You never know when it arrives. Ubahn is better but I don’t like riding with sbahn.

So to sum up I don’t like driving a car or riding with the Sbahn at these times.

Isil: Was that all that you don’t like?

Hubi: Yes, well (Note to the reader: I felt like there were a few things more)…Yes yes that was it.

Isil: Ok then, thank you. These conclude my questions.

I really enjoyed talking with Hubi. To sum up, his three favorite places to hang out in Munich are

  1. Bavaria Statue at Theresienwiese
  2. Olympiaberg
  3. Ammersee


The only thing he mentioned that he does not like is driving a car or riding the Sbahn during rush hours.

He loves Munich because it has a beautiful nature, it is a very central point to travel anywhere and it offers all the sport possibilities.

What about you? What do you like about Munich? What are your favorite places in Munich? What don’t you really like about Munich?  I would love to read your answers.


All the best,


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