Hello dear friends,

this weekend is followed by 1 working day and then there is a public holiday of two days so most of the city will take Monday off and do a very long weekend. If you will be in the city this weekend, then you’ve got concerts, parties and cinema events to choose from.

Here is what’s up in Munich this weekend:

Friday – Saturday: Manic Street Parade

The bars and locations in Schlachthofviertel come together to organize the club festival “Manic Street Parade”. On the second year of this festival, the event is expanded on to two days. 24 bands will play in  5 clubs and in the St. Anton church. One day ticket costs 27 Euro, two days ticket costs 44 Euro.

Check the website of the event for more information and updates.

Friday – Sunday: Seriencamp Festival

The University of Television and Film Munich organizes the yearly festival of series “Seriencamp”. In this festival (the first two episodes of) 30 new series will be shown in the original version. There will be discussions, workshops, actions and food and drinks. Check the website for the program and updates. 

Friday – Sunday: Arabic Documentaries

Film Museum Munich will show every day between 27th and 29th October Arabic documentaries at 6 pm. The films are with original voice and English subtitles.

Friday – Sunday: Eat & Style Food Festival

This is the food festival where you can taste new food and cook with star chefs. There are food trucks and market where you can taste food and drinks and take some home with you. The event takes place at Zenith and the tickets cost 15 Euro at the door.

The opening hours are:

Friday 13:00 – 19:00
Saturday 11:00 – 19:00
Sunday 11:00 – 18:00

Saturday 17:00 – 23:55: Night Flea Market Special “Needful Things”

This is the flea market where you can buy the valuable, nostalgic and still usable items. No clothes, but closets, bicycles, lamps, radio, decoration, and design items. It takes place at the old Hackerbrau, now Bussi Bussi Bavaria, Theresienhoehe 7. For more information and updates check the Facebook event.

Saturday 19:00 – Sunday 02:00: Neuhauser Musiknacht

There will be more than 60 bands playing in more than 50 locations in Neuhausen. You just have to buy a ticket that costs 5 euro and get the wristband to have entrance to the venues. In each venue, a band will play a set of 40 minutes and then there will be a 20-minute break to change the venue. You will have the chance to watch 4 sets. The concerts at the venues start at 8 pm. But there will be an opening concert at 7 pm at Rotkreuzplatz.  You can get the tickets at Rotkreuzplatz on Saturday starting from 6:30 pm, in the concert venues or in München Ticket with the extra service charge. Check the program here.

Saturday 20:30 – Sunday 03:00: 18.jetzt!

This is a party for the people that turn 18 and the town hall opens its doors to celebrate their 18th year.People over  18 are welcome. There will be party till 3 a.m but also live music and discussion about the city. Check the website for more information.


Have a great weekend!