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Ease of travel from Munich with train

I wanted to visit my friends in Vienna for quite a while but never found the right connection, time and price combination. At last, I decided to take a few days off and go. On 28th of October, I found tickets for going on November 7th morning (Tuesday) and coming back on the 9th morning (Thursday) for 39,90 each. I paid 9euro for seat reservations in both ways. In total it cost me 88,80 Euro.

My train was Railjet from OEBB (Austrian Railways). It was very comfortable. There was very good internet connection all the way from Munich to Vienna and back. The toilets were clean. I didn’t check the cafeteria but I saw from the menu that was in my seat I could see that there was a variety of food, drinks, and snacks and the prices were reasonable. And the waiters were even walking around and taking orders from your seat.  The nice thing about traveling by train is that you leave from the center of one city and arrive at the center of another city. You don’t have to arrive too early for check in, you don’t go through queues and security controls. It was very relaxing and it was a great change of weather for me.

Hereby I also want to remind you about all those options of Deutsche Bahn for travel.

The Bayern Ticket(Partner Link*) allows you to travel in the state of Bavaria on one day. It becomes even more affordable if you are traveling in a group. The nice thing about this ticket is that it is also valid for traveling to Salzburg. 25 euro per person and an additional 6 euro for every extra person up to 5 people. So when you travel with 4 other friends of yours, it costs 49 Euro in total and less than 10 euro per person.

There are other offers that are not valid only in Bavaria but also in whole Germany. One is called Schönes Wochenende (Weekend Ticket) ticket (Partner Link*) that is valid on a Saturday or Sunday until 3 a.m. next morning. The price per person is 40 euro and every additional passenger costs 4 Euro. The other one is German Rail Pass (Partner Link*) which allows you to travel across all Germany on one day until next day 3 a.m. This costs a bit more, 44 euro for the first person and 8euro for every additional person.

You can see all the offers on the Deutsche Bahn website (Partner Link)* and buy the saver fare as little as EUR 29.90 across Germany. (Partner Link*)

Take advantage of these offers and travel. Munich is a great hub for traveling in Germany or anywhere in Europe.

I wish you a great time!

*Total disclosure: This is a Partner Link, when you buy using these links you will be supporting me so I can continue writing for you.

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