All the significant events of this weekend was on Sunday so instead of writing the what’s up in Munich this weekend I’m writing What’s Up in Munich This Sunday:)

At 12:00 there is the monthly session of Go Sing Choir! As the name says, you go and sing, no previous experience needed. And this month you will be singing the Christmas Special: Wham-Last Christmas.

If you are still hungry to perform and cannot put off the artistry fire in you, try the improtheatre of We-Space. The warm-up session of 45 minutes mixes theatre with games and sounds so much fun and if you like you can join the small improvised scenes afterwards. It starts at 13:30 in Glockenbachwerkstatt.

At 4 pm the Krampus will run for the second time in the Christmas Market at Marienplatz. I took a video of them last week, you can see below. What is not shown in the video is I hugged one of the Krampus and got beaten with a whip by another one! They are scary but also friendly. Many of them approached the people on the front lines and appeared in their selfies. If you want to take selfies with them be in Marienplatz at 4 pm!

At 18:00 Hanukkah celebrations start at St.Jakobs-Platz with music, Krapfen, and warm drinks. A great opportunity to get to know Jewish Culture and celebrate together.

At night you have three alternatives to choose from:

  1. Igor Landy Concert at the Maerchenbazar at 18:30
  2. MSLE Concert in the Salon Irkutsk at 19:00
  3. Improtheatre Show at the Kooks at 19:30

And this concludes the suggestions for Sunday.

Have a great weekend!