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Maerchenbazar-A Beautiful Magic Christmas Village

I have been wanting to visit the Maerchenbazar since two years and this week I finally made it! It was as good as I expected, if not better.

The location is 5 minutes walk from the U3/U6 Poccistr. You enter through a steel gate to a garden which has cool graffiti’s on the walls. Far ahead the entrance door is visible. The purple light invites you to a night of mystery:)

Entering inside, the tent “Roberto” welcomes us. I never met a tent that has a human name, I find it sweet:)

There is food for every taste. There are many options especially for vegetarians and vegans. My tummy and my conscience liked it!

There were three tents. The smell of Indian food called us to the first one but there was too much steam inside so we went out. The second tent was nice with little stalls, nice lighting and figurines. This was the Roberto. The third tent invited us with its music. We went in, stood up and danced a bit and then found a place to sit just behind the stage. It was a weekday which felt like a weekend. My eye caught the sign, the “Pfand” for the mulled wine cups were 1 euro. It was also cheaper than most christmas markets.


I loved the Maerchenbazar. It has an “underground” feeling but it is very friendly and cosy. The vibes felt similar to the Tollwood but it is smaller and also less crowded so it felt more comfortable to be there.


If you are in Munich between Christmas and New Year Maerchenbazar is a great alternative for you.  There is live music every night. It is open Monday to Thursday till 11 p.m. and Friday – Saturday till 1 a.m. Sunday till 9pm.

Maerchenbazar is at Tumblingerstr. 29 and you have chance to visit it till 30th of December.