Hello everyone,

This is the last weekend of January and the temperatures will be quite mild. Double check if the “Snowball Fight” in the list below is really happening before going.  This weekend there is a list of concerts, flea markets and a few culinary events so a good weekend for our senses.

Here is what’s up in Munich this weekend:

Friday 17:00 – 23:30 Girls’ Flea Market

From girls to girls…The flea market takes place in MVG Museum, Ständlerstraße 20 and the entrance costs 3 Euro. Check the website of the event for more information and updates.

Friday 19:30 – 22:00: Bode Reads Love Poems

Bode, a professor of Modern English literature at LMU, reads Love Poetry, ranging from the mildly erotic to the shockingly romantic, from leather to lace, from Here Today to Gone Tomorrow, from Shakespeare to Emily Dickinson, from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to the Beats, from T.S. Eliot to Bob Dylan, his selection of English language love poetry (and songs) comes without hope or agenda, except that… it does insinuate that a) All you need is love, and b) love is, actually, all around you.

The event takes place at The Lovelace – A Hotel Happening, Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strasse-1 and the entrance is free.

For more information, check the Facebook event.

Friday 21:00 – 23:59: Hits Hits Hits with On The Rocks

Live Music session at The Lost Weekend. You can play yourself or listen to the others performing.
Lost Weekend is at Schellingstr. 3.

For more information, check the Facebook event.

Friday – Sunday: Montgoldfiade

Montgolfiade is the hot air baloon festiaval at Tegernsee. It starts this Friday and continues two weekends.One of the highlights is the traditional balloon glowing with music. Here is a video from 2012:

Check the program in the festival website.

Friday – Sunday: Finest Spirits

Whiskey lovers, do not miss this event. Day ticket costs 20 Euro and includes a shuttle to the event location from Giesing and 4 drink coupons. The tasting in the stands starts from 2,5 Euro. The opening hours are as follows:
Friday: 16:00 – 23:00
Saturday: 14:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 13:00 – 19:00

Check the program and exhibitors in the festival website.

Saturday – Sunday: Burger Festival

In this festival you will find the best burger grillers of town with their own creations.There will be live dj performance and fire show too.

The event takes place at Backstage, Reitknechstr. 6. Entrance costs 3,50 Euro.

Opening times are as follows:
Saturday 14:00 – 22:00
Sunday 12:00 – 20:00

Saturday 17:00 – 23:55 Good Night Flea Market and Street Food Market

Second-hand shopping with music and drinks. Good Night Flea Market is at Postpalast, Wredestr. 10. The entrance is free.

Saturday 19:00 – Sunday 03:00: Bunte Kuh (Colourful Cow) Festival

Bunte Kuh is a festival of World Music which is celebrating its 5th year. Tickets cost 18,76 Euro. The festival takes place at Feierwerk, Hansastr. 39.
For more information, check the Facebook event.

Saturday 20:00 – 23:00 :Blues Concert of Muddy What?

The Bluesband Muddy What? will play in Stragula, Bergmannstr. 66 from their new album “Gone From Mississippi”. Entrance is free.

Check the Facebook event for more information.

Saturday 22:00 – Sunday 01:00: Midnight Sauna @Müller´sches Volksbad

Beware: Nudity! (If you are not comfortable with nudity, avoid the saunas in Munich because nudity is a must) The Volksbad will be open on Saturday night for a bath experience like Romans. The aromatic steams at sauna will begin at 22, after 23 you will be able to use the “Damenhalle” (women’s hall will be opened to every midnight sauna guest) and swim without a bathing suit. As a break between sauna sequences you can take a break at the aqua floating bath. You can access the event with a normal Müller´aches Volksbad entrance fee, which is 12,90 Euro after 20:00.

Saturday – Sunday: Fantasy Film Festival White Nights

If you are a fan of fantasy films and looking for films that are not mainstream, check this festival out. You can check the program on the website of Cinemaxx. Tickets to each film cost 11 Euro.

Sunday 11:00 – 15:00: Clothes Exchange Party

You can exchange up to 15 pieces of clothes/ accessories. This is how it works: Give your clothes between 11 pm – 12 pm. For every clothing piece you will get some points in return which you will use to “buy” the clothes at the market. The exchange will start at 13:00 and continue till 15:00. The clothes that were not taken will be donated to Diakonia.

It takes place at Import Export, Kreativquartier Dachauerstr. 114 and the entrance fee is 2 Euros.

Check the Facebook event for more information.

Sunday 12:00 – 15:00: Peaceful Snowball Fight in English Garden

A game that is fun for every age. The location will be announced on the Facebook event but make sure to check the event page before you go out as it might be cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Sunday 13:00 – 18:00: Records Flea Market

if you love vinyl records, check out the records flea market on Sunday. The entrance is free and there is also no sellers fee if you would like to sell a few records yourself. The event takes place at Substanz, Ruppertstr. 28.

Have a great weekend!