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Frühlingsfest 2018 Starts!

Frühlingsfest – The Spring Festival is the celebration of spring and brings more life to the city. Theresienwiese, where also Oktoberfest is organised, turns into a festival area. Frühlingsfest is a smaller festival than Oktoberfest but it includes everything Oktoberfest offers: Bier, festival tents with live music and fun rides.

In Frühlingsfest there are only two festival tents: Hippodrome Festzelt which serves Spaten and Festhalle Bayernland which serves Augustiner. There is also a Weissbiergarden which serves Paulaner.

A very good news about Frühlingsfest is that the prices are much lower. The beer costs 9,80 euro which is 1 euro cheaper than in Oktoberfest.

A huge advantage of Frühlingsfest over Oktoberfest is the number of visitors. There are much less tourists and it is easier to find a place to sit at the tents.

Fruehlingsfest is not only drinking and enjoying the fun rides. There is also a big program happening as part of this festival which you may want to mark into your calendars.

20.04 Friday 14:30: The Festival will be opened with firecracker shooting and Mayor Josef Schmid will tap the first beer at Hippodrom Tent at 16:00.

21.04 Saturday 7:00 – 16:00: There will be the huge Bavarian Red Cross Flea Market

22.04 Sunday 10:00 – 17:00: Old-timer Meeting where you can see the nostalgic cars.

27.04 Friday 22:00: Fireworks

4.05 Friday 22:00: Huge Fireworks show with Music. The fireworks will be shot synchronised to the music played by “Radio Charivari”.

6.05 Sunday 12:00 – Day of Tradition: There will be traditional dance and music shows all over the Theresienwiese.

The festival will continue till 6.5 make a time to be there and enjoy!

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