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Practice German with Das Hallo Projekt

There is a new way of practicing German and while you practice you will be doing something else, you will become friends with a senior.
I am talking about Das Hallo Project.
Hallo Projekt brings expats and seniors together through activities and tandem programs.
Lisi, the founder of Hallo Project wanted to do social projects with the seniors. She saw that they were mostly alone and did not have much to do.  At the same time from her experience she knew that there was a need for practicing German. She and most of her friends were always in international circles, speaking English. They had no chance of practicing German. The German courses brought them only to a certain level but real practice was missing. She merged these two ideas in the Hallo Projekt.
Das Hallo Projekt has a database of mother tongue German speaking seniors and German learning expats with their hobbies and interests. The matching of tandem partners are made on the ground of similar hobbies and interest. The schedule of Tandem meetings are established by the learner itself, getting in contact with her  tandem partner. But Hallo Projekt also organises several events where everyone comes together and spend a beautiful afternoon together.
You can see the upcoming events and get more information about the project on the Facebook page of Das Hallo Projekt.
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