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It’s all about HerCAREER

I believe in the power of networking (I even wrote an article about it), I believe in surrounding yourself with the people who you want to be like. If you are a working woman or if you care about gender equality at work, there is an important event coming up in Munich that you shouldn’t miss. It is called: herCAREER

It’s all about her career

herCAREER is the comprehensive career fair for graduates, women specialists and executives, and female founders.

herCAREER is all about career planning of women. In the herCAREER you will be meeting other women who speak openly about the opportunities and the challenges in the work environment,  challenges and opportunities about family and work balance. You will meet and have the chance to talk to important role models from politics, business, science and employers, which explicitly engage for the equality of opportunities for women in leadership positions.

What makes herCAREER unique are the numerous talks and meetups about work-family balance, professional development opportunities and entrepreneurship. There are 300 Meetups which are composed of Job Offer Talks, Future talks with more than 450 role models, insiders and experts, 40 speeches, discussions and keynotes.

Language is not a barrier

It is important to note that the official language of the fair is German, as we are in Germany. But you will see that there are talks and Meetups which will be in English such as the lecture “How gaining some Monster Confidence can give you the vital edge in your career“, Career meetups “Growing into a leader” and “Why do we hold ourselves back?“, Expert meetup “Female Leadership: How an Executive MBA helps you to develop as a leader” or  Job offer talk “Automotive Engineering Project Consulting“. You can filter the events according to language and see see the list of all events in English language on the program page.

For deeper connections join the herCAREER @ Night

If you want to make deeper connections, sign up for the herCAREER @ Night where you will be have the chance to have deeper conversation during dinner at a table and discussions will be moderated by table captains who are role models and leaders from business, politics and science.

Mark 11th and 12th of October on your calendars

I attended herCAREER last year and left with a lot of inspiration, knowledge and new contacts.   If you are looking for a job, for a career change, an idea to start a new company; if you want to increase your network or just get some inspiration, check herCAREER.

herCAREER takes place on 11th and 12th of October in Munich. You can find the full program and buy your tickets online with a discounted price on the offical website of herCAREER.

Maybe we see each other there?

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