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Great Resources to learn what’s up in Munich

I’ve heard so many times the following statement: Munich is boring! I used to get so surprised upon hearing that and start telling about numerous things to do. But that happened so many times that I decided to write about that. I started writing every weekend a blog post titled “What’s Up in Munich this weekend”.

If you’ve been following this blog since some time, you should have noticed some changes: first these posts got irregular. They were either published late (like Saturday) or not published at all. And since August I have not written any of these posts. Here in this video I explain why:

As a summary I can tell you this: I was spending so much time writing the posts, I did not have time to enjoy the events myself. And it felt weird doing that. I also have two other important projects going on. First of all my unique career & life coaching business Younich and second: my coaching academy BeCoach Academy. As my focus went to these two projects I could not commit to writing the weekend posts anymore.  But no worries! There are amazing resources to check what’s up in Munich this weekend, the resources I was also using when I was writing these posts.

5 Great Resources to Learn What’s Up in Munich

1. MunichMag

MunichMag Is a great website. You can find indie concerts, underground events, and everything around music and urban life. I like how they organised their content as Heute (today), Morgen (tomorrow), Übermorgen (the day after tomorrow). They even have a whatsapp newsletter, where you receive daily tips. You can find all about it on the MunichMag website.

2. is the website of the city, check it on fridays to see the events. There is always a hint about the events of the weekend on the banner area of the homepage.  You can also use the monthly overview of events. For example here on this page you can find the events of November.

3. Mucbook

Mucbook is actually a print magazine about Munich (with very nice interviews and articles) but they also have an event calendar on the website which you should check out for the events in Munich.

4. Radio Gong 96.3

Maybe you would not expect it, I guess it is an insider tip but Radio Gong 96,3 has a great page for the weekend events in Munich.
On this page you can see all the weekends, the first one to the left is the latest weekend. Check it on Fridays.

5. Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for discovering What’s Up in the city. You don’t only get the events of your friends but you can also find every event posted on Facebook. Here is how:

Go to the events page, click on Discover, select the dates, make sure your selection for the location is Munich and voila you will see all the events posted on Facebook in Munich. Here is a video where I show how to do that:

With these 5 resources you can find very interesting events happening in Munich. I will continue posting the ones that I notice on the Facebook page of MovetoMunich.

Munich is not a little village, it is a big city with many activities and events.

Use the resources, inform yourself on what’s going on and enjoy your life in this beautiful city!

All the best,

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