I am Isil.photowithdirdnl

Actually Işıl. With a Turkish ı  (i without the dot) and a Turkish ş (s with  a dot).

And if you couldn’t tell by now, I am Turkish.

It is quite common to meet Turkish people in Germany as there are many that were born here and whose families moved generations ago. But my story is different.


I moved to Munich in a very warm April day of 2012.

Out of love.

No, I did not have a boyfriend living in Munich.

I moved because of Munich.

Because I fell in love in Munich.


showing my love to the long words

I was always attracted to German language. (Maybe because my father was learning German for work). And I was attracted to living abroad. When I was in primary school, we had memory notebooks, like diaries. The friends would write messages to the owner of the notebook. There were little surveys in some of them. I remember answering the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” going to US for MBA and living there. I always wanted to live abroad. I started learning German as my second language at the age of 14 and loved the mathematics of the language, especially how you can build new words bringing other words together like Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamten-gesellschaft.  Living here, I realize that I have some German stereotypical characteristic. I love organization. I am not tidy, but the idea of setting an order, a new rule gives me shivers of joy, strange, right? I kind of love rules. If there is a rule, I am a big protector of it. My colleagues told me that I am more German than a German. I don’t think it was a compliment though:)

Anyway.. the story how I fell in love with Munich is this: I visited Munich first time in 2009 for Oktoberfest.

Munich welcomed me with open arms and with sweet surprises. It felt like I bumped into Munich when I was going over the corner and it picked my books and our eyes met.. You got the picture.

So I landed to Munich airport with my friends from university. We were analyzing the ticketing machine in the S-bahn station, trying to understand what kind of ticket we should take, which zone, which ring, group or single, 1 day or 1 way. It was just too complicated and we spent quite some minutes trying to figure out what button to press. Then somebody patted on my shoulder, I turned, he handed me a ticket and said he did not need that any more and we could use it all day as a group. He left me saying “Welcome to Munich!”.

As we did not find any hotel, we had booked a camping place. It was damn cold there and my tent mate got an allergy from grass. They therefore refunded our booking which was otherwise not allowed. A friend in our group had a friend staying in the dorm, who was away for the weekend and let us stay in his room, so we got a place to stay for free which was more comfortable (with an actual bed) and more central. Things were going great!

We visited the city during the day and Oktoberfest during the evening. And it was in Koenigsplatz where the magic happened. I was standing in the middle of the square, feeling the breeze on my face. The world stopped and everything was right and perfect. And I said I will live here.

The following year I applied to a international development program of my company. I got selected, I completed the program in 2011 and got introduced to the alumni community of this program. One alumnus was a manager in Munich. I told him that I loved in Munich and would love to work there. He had an open position in his team matching my profile. I applied, got invited to an assessment center, passed it, got the job. I got my visa in the End of March, rented an apartment while I was still in Turkey, packed my luggage on Friday evening till Saturday morning and left for Munich on Saturday morning for good.


Celebrating being a resident of Munich with a Mass in Chinese Tower beergarden


because i’m happyyyy
because I moved to Munich


first days in Munich, need experience to eat breze the right way


Munich is fun

I am very happy that things developed this way and I moved to Munich. I am leading a great time and loving my life in Munich.

But there were moments where I struggled and things shocked me.

Things that shocked me in Munich

  1. I moved to my first apartment and was surprised to find out the the building key and apartment key were the same. I was scared that people could also open my apartment with their keys.
  2. The first house I moved in had a pool downstairs. I went there for swim and saw a guy coming with his bathrobe. He opened his robe, he was completely naked. He had a shower, he shampooed himself everywhere and left without entering the pool. This was my first shock about being relaxed with nudity.
  3. Second shock about nudity came with my visit to Sauna. It was compulsory to be naked. I stayed in a closed position as possible while the others spread their legs and enjoyed their hot time. I also got warned because my feet touched the wood. (You should always place your towel under your body parts.
  4. The first sunday I was left without food in the fridge I found out that all the supermarkets were closed.
  5. How difficult and costly it is to find an apartment! There were no available apartments! Once there were, you had to kind of send your resume. And you needed to have money in the bank as moving in was terribly costly. There was commission to the rental agency which was 2,38 times the cold rent, there was deposit to be given to the landlord which was three times the cold rent, plus you had to pay the first month’s rent which was totaling up to nearly 7 times the cold rent.
  6. Finding out how unusable the credit card is. Even in furniture shopping at IKEA, it was not possible to pay by card which made my move to an unfurnished apartment very difficult.
  7.  My credit card application getting rejected several times. Phone plan with smart phone getting rejected. I understood that being a non EU citizen and being new in the country was resulting in very low SCHUFA score.
  8. How my 1 Liter beer per week rule become obsolete in a few months. The beer is very tasty in Munich, and cheap. And it is bringing people together. You go out for a beer. You drink a Feierabend bier. In some biergardens, they only serve 1 Liter. So..


Although I had support from my friend/manager and colleagues, I had to do a lot of things myself, search and find the right information to deal with daily matters of finding apartment, doing taxes, moving etc. There are useful resources in internet but not one resource that has all the useful information for someone who just moved to, or planning to move to Munich. So I thought I would do it.  And voila: here is Move to Munich at your service.

Contact me if you want me to write about a topic, if you have questions or comments.

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Bis dann!