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It’s all about HerCAREER

If you are a working woman or if you care about gender equality at work, there is an important event coming up in Munich that you shouldn't miss.

Career Navigator Lab

Join the Career Navigator to do the career change to a work you'll love! The workshop takes place on 8th of April, read the benefits of joining.

Munich Unplugged

48 Bands, 27 Locations and 2 days of music in Munich city center: that is Munich Unplugged!

Art accidentally

Enjoying the nice weather, I took a walk in the city and bumped into a gallery accidentally.

What I would miss about Munich

I answered to the invitation of muenchen.de Blog to Blogparade: "What would you miss about Munich?". I closed my eyes and images came to me.

Learn skiing in Munich

Munich is a wonderful place to go skiing in the winter. It takes one to two hours to reach the best ski resorts. If you can't ski don't worry. You can learn skiing in Munich in three weekends with the short ski method.

Apartment Adverts explained

Fact: It is difficult to find an apartment in Munich. But it can be even more difficult for a non German speaker as housing world has a language of itself. Here we will go over some apartment adverts and explain what the terms and abbreviations mean.

So has gone the first week of Oktoberfest 2016

Oktoberfest started with rain, continued sunny. The tents seemed to be much less occupied. I got to witness the wedding ceremony and got a guest under my umbrella. Read the first week's adventures.

Impark & Theatron Festival

If you think that the Tollwood is the only summer festival of Munich, you are wrong. Impark & Theatron festivals are big happenings

How to find an apartment in Munich

Congratulations! You are moving to Munich! It is the most beautiful city to live in! As there is a “but” to everything beautiful, there is a very important "but" to Munich and you should know before moving to Munich: Housing.