What’s Up in Munich This Weekend 13-14 January 2018

A calm weekend after holidays...

Ease of travel from Munich with train

My affordable and comfy train travel to Vienna and other great offers from Deutsche Bahn for train travel

Interview with a native of Munich

What Hubi likes in Munich, his favorite places and what he does not really enjoy here..

How to convert your driving licence to a German one

Most of foreign driving licences are invalid after 6 months in Munich. Here are the steps of converting your existing licence to a German one.

The handover of your new apartment a.k.a Schlüsselübergabe

You found an apartment in Munich and signed the contract. Now it is time to get your new apartment's key. This is what you should know about the handover.

How to make the landlord of your future apartment pick you

Many people look for an apartment but very few apartments are available in Munich, and therefore the competition is fierce. Here are some tips to be picked by the landlord and get your dream apartment

You should learn German and here is how

If you are moving to Munich, you should learn German. You can already start learning in your home country or in Munich when you move. Here is how:

9 Groups you can join to make friends in Munich

There are many groups and communities you can check out to get to know new people and make friends in Munich. Check the list!

What I would miss about Munich

I answered to the invitation of muenchen.de Blog to Blogparade: "What would you miss about Munich?". I closed my eyes and images came to me.

Apartment Adverts explained

Fact: It is difficult to find an apartment in Munich. But it can be even more difficult for a non German speaker as housing world has a language of itself. Here we will go over some apartment adverts and explain what the terms and abbreviations mean.

Applying for a residence permit in Munich

Find the right residence permit for you and prepare your documents to apply for your permit.

Address registration (Anmeldung) in Munich

You are required to register your location of residence (Anmeldung) in 2 weeks after your move. This post explains how you can do that.

Comparison of Public and Private Health Insurance in Germany

In Germany, you can pick up two types of insurances: Public and private. In this post, we discuss the pros and cons of both of them so that you can decide accordingly.

How to find an apartment in Munich

Congratulations! You are moving to Munich! It is the most beautiful city to live in! As there is a “but” to everything beautiful, there is a very important "but" to Munich and you should know before moving to Munich: Housing.