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What I would miss about Munich

I answered to the invitation of muenchen.de Blog to Blogparade: "What would you miss about Munich?". I closed my eyes and images came to me.

What you should do if you have one day in Munich

There are a lot of things to see, taste, smell and experience in Munich. But if you have one day, at least you should do the following route. You will do it all by walk so get your comfy shoes on!

21 Things I love about Munich

I love living in Munich and listed the 21 things I especially love about it which you can try in your next visit to Munich.

20 Things you should know before travelling to Munich

Munich is an amazing city with a lot to offer. It is beautiful in every season. It is a great combination of natural beauty, German organization, Bavarian warm-bloodedness and purity. To avoid bad surprises and make the best out of your visit you should know these 20 things about Munich.

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